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Places To Visit In UK For The Strong Willed

The United Kingdom has been known to many castles and forts as well as manors and even whole villages from centuries ago.  Every country in the United Kingdom therefore has no shortage of places most people are avoiding unlike holiday cottages UK which people are looking for.  These places are not avoided because they are pricey to visit or has poor service but because they are haunted.

But, there is no denying that haunted places are interesting to visit especially during the day when they are less spooky.  If you are therefore planning your holidays in Pembrokeshire and you would like to see what a haunted place in the UK is, there are plenty of places for you to choose from.  Just do not book a room on haunted holiday cottages UK as that may spoil your objective of getting rest and relaxation.

The Highgate Cemetery in London is probably the most popular of these places.  During the day, this is a good place to see stunning Gothic architecture.  There are even guided tours for the cemetery which you can book online just like you would reserve a room in any holiday cottages UK before you depart on your holidays in Pembrokeshire.  At night though, the cemetery looks like a high-budget Hollywood horror movie set.  This appearance alone makes this a spooky place only a few can brave to see during the night.

Pendle Hill in Lancashire is also another spooky place to visit.  The difference with this and the Highgate cemetery is that even during daytime, the brooding appearance of Pendle Hill makes the Pendle Witch County an eerie place to visit, not as comforting as holiday cottages UK.  But, if you love history, you would love the place as this is where ten accused witches were hanged. Although not the most pleasant subject to discuss, it still beats going to boring places.  You can easily add this as a site worthy of visit in your holidays in Pembrokeshire schedule.

In Scotland, the Glamis Castle is another good place to visit if you are into history and haunted buildings.  Due to its age at 600 years, it is not surprising that this place has been labelled as a haunted castle.  The view here though is stunning with its towers, statues, and spires.  Again, only a few would be brave enough to explore the castle at night especially with the Monster of Glamis on the loose, a spirit said to be that of a deformed child locked in a room in the castle his entire life.  The thought of that is sure to send shivers up the spine of any tourist going on holidays in Pembrokeshire.

Although these places are said to be haunted, visiting it during the daytime during your holidays in Pembrokeshire would be an interesting trip.  Also, you do not have to stay in these places at night as you can always sleep comfortably on holiday cottages UK found around the United Kingdom.

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